The land is Zoned Rural. Under the current Boddington Local Planning Scheme No 2, Application can be made to Council for the uses contemplated for this precinct, including “Prescribed Premises” and a wide variety of industrial uses.

Before granting planning approval, the Shire must advertise the Application in accordance with clause 6.4 of the Local Planning Scheme, by one or more of the following means:

  1. Notice to owners or occupiers likely to be affected;
  2. Published in a newspaper; or
  3. Signs on the land.

(Note: In terms of people that could be affected, Boddington is 30kms away. North Bannister Roadhouse is adjacent to the property on the south east corner, with most tenancies on our site still able to obtain significant buffers from this operation. The property is up to 4kms long and 2 kms wide).

After 21 days of the above Advertising, the Council shall consider and decide on the Application. Therefore, assuming tenants are able to negotiate a successful passage through the above process, the land is Zoned and able to be used for the above-mentioned businesses.

Due to the WAPC Endorsing the Shire of Boddingtons identification of our location as a future industrial expansion area, in November 2019 the Shire advertised for comment an updated Local Planning Scheme No 3.

If approved as drafted, the Shire will then have discretion to approve most intended Development Applications for the site.