Precinct Design and Operation

The Precinct is 616 hectares. To ensure the Precinct operates as efficiently as possible, the specific location of each tenancy will be a function of achieving a balance between the following factors:

  • Planning for the site to ensure all tenants are optimally located and in particular, addressing the bio-security needs of intensive animal agriculture tenants.
  • Creation of a landscaping / beautification / buffers throughout the property.
  • Specific requirements of each tenant, including lease terms of up to 99 years.
  • Water catchment areas, dams and low-lying areas.
  • Current area under lease to the bluegum operation.
  • Minimizing native vegetation removal.

Complementary Tenants

There are the following inherent benefits in co locating the target tenants at Culford Agri:

  • With an on site composting facility, Organic and Liquid Wastes (from say a chicken or pig operation) can potentially be disposed of at the composter.
  • Other Class 2 and 3 Wastes can be deposited at the Suez Resource Recovery Facility.
  • Organic Wastes can also be used to generate electricity.
  • Composts can be used to improve pastures for free range operations.
  • Sheds from all operations can potentially be used to capture water – to be used in any of the Precincts operations, stored in the Precincts dams.

Infrastructure and Services

  • As shown on the Estate Plan, the Stage 1, 14 hectare Water Surface Catchment and 85.7 megalitre Dam Storage was completed in April 2019. It has been located to enable a seamless expansion for future surface catchments and dam numbers 2 and 3.
  • The site also has multiple bores for the extraction of underground water supplies.
  • The entire Culford property (1,000 ha) was initially purchased to accommodate the Perthwaste Resource Recovery Facility. This facility was acquired by Suez in 2016 and operates on Lot 2 to the west of the Precinct. As such the Precinct has a Class 2 and 3 Resource Recovery and Composting facility on its doorstep to deal with the disposal of tenants’ waste, as well as eventually having the potential to generate electricity for the Precinct.
  • Single phase power is already in place down the centre of the Precinct.
  • Located at the entrance to the property is a Telstra and Optus telecommunications tower, providing excellent reception for mobile phones.
  • The entry off Albany Highway was upgraded in 2014 to Main Roads specification with a southbound turning lane. Access is via a secure code-controlled boom gate.
  • A second security gate located on the property boundary is closed at night to provide additional security, with key pad control allowing after hours access.
  • In 2016 the road down the centre of the property was bituminised in both directions, providing excellent access to all tenant areas, as well as being a 26m wide fire break.
  • The Precinct has a caretaker living on the property full time.
  • The Precinct Management area has been developed and includes an office, workshop and a 160,000 litre water tank for firefighting.

Culford Quarry

  • Culford Quarry was granted a License to operate a gravel quarry by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation in 2019.
  • The License permits the extraction, crushing, screening, washing, grinding and milling of gravel.
  • Located at the eastern end of the property, the initial Quarry Area is 6.6 ha with the entire Prescribed Area being area 40 ha providing a long term supply of gravel for use by State and Local Government, (primarily for roads), and also to commercial customers for appropriate purposes.
  • The Quarry entrance is only 350m from Albany Highway and connects via the central bitumen road creating easy access to the site.
  • We are also able to supply competitively priced water, usually required in reasonable quantities for road compaction and construction from our metered stand pipe located at the PMA area.

Current Tenants

Currently Culford Agri has the following Tenants:

All tenants enjoy long term leases, providing the security and payback period to justify significant capital investments.